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Membership in NVRC and participation in the 2024 rowing sessions requires the following:

  • The ability to swim 100 meters and tread water for 5 minutes

  • Payment of membership and rowing fees of $825, broken down as follows:

    • 2023 Membership fee (January to December): $200                                     plus (+) Rowing costs (June to November):  $625

Total Fees:

Learn to Row (membership fee + $25):  $225

Coxswain Program (adults - membership fee): free (NVRC pays experienced coxswains.  Email for details)

Novice Program - LTR graduates (rowing costs only):  $625

Experienced Rowers (membership fee + rowing costs): $825

The registration process will take between five and 10 minutes.  You will also need to view this 27 minute USRowing safety video.

Upon registering with the club and paying the membership fee, NVRC will enroll you into USRowing with a Basic Membership (NVRC covers the $15 administrative fee associated with this).  You will then be provided with a login so that you can complete USRowing's liability waiver - which is separate from the NVRC waiver. 

                                 Both waivers are required for you to row.

Payment Plan

If you would prefer to break up payments throughout the year, NVRC has set the following payment schedule.


    2023 Total Fees: $850 (includes $200 membership fee) 

  • $200 membership fee, due when you sign up

  • Program Payment #1 = $340 ($312.50 + $25 payment plan fee): due June 3, 2023

  • Program Payment #3 = #340 ($312.50 + $25 payment plan fee): automatically processed July 15, 2023


Registration. waivers, and payments are available on-line only.


Full 2024 Membership and Season Fees are refundable up to June 1, less an administrative fee of 5%.


If a rower withdraws on or after June 1 but before June 15, Full Membership and Season Fees are refundable less 10%.


After June 15th, the Season Fee is no longer refundable; however, members may request a partial refund if circumstances end their season for one of the following reasons:

-Member sustains a season ending injury
-Member moves from their current address to an address an 50 miles from Sandy Run Regional Park

The Board of Directors will consider the request and, if approve, provide a refund for the partial program fee equal to the proportion of the season the member will miss and less a 5% administrative fee.

Once you have read all the info above, access the on-line registration form by clicking here.

Email with any questions

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