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What do my membership and rowing fees pay for?

Membership fees pay for running the organization, including insurance, USRowing membership, banking & credit card service fees, technical support, etc. These are administrative costs the club accrues throughout the year.


Your rowing fees entitle you to row at as many practices during the season as you desire. These fees include, but are not limited to, covering all coaching and equipment operation & maintenance costs, park usage fees, and boat storage fees, as well as entry fees to any race held on the Occoquan River in which you choose to participate. Please note that individual members pay their own way, in addition to all other associated fees, for any races held at other locations off the Occoquan. This can also include sharing in boat transportation costs as well as coach & coxswain costs.

Races Held on the Occoquan River (included in NVRC membership)

Your membership and rowing fees allow the club to exist and pays for the following:

  • Professional coaching

  • Usage fees to Sandy Run Regional Park for park usage as well as boat storage for our fleet.

  • Equipment with which to row, including boats (either purchased by the club or rented from other organizations), oars, safety equipment such as PFDs, coach's launch(s), cox boxes, fuel for the launches, boat & launch maintenance, repairs & parts. 

  • Insurance.

  • Banking, accounting, internet, and technical service fees.

  • High school coxswain development program - donations to support high school rowing programs of participating coxswains 

  • All entry fees into home races on the Occoquan

  • USRowing Basic Membership

  • Outreach and education

  • NVRC Speakers Program (guest speakers talk on health centered topics that can enhance your rowing experience.  Topics include injury prevention, incorporating rowing into a whole healthy lifestyle, and introduction to other activities such as yoga)

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