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What are the benefits of rowing?
  • Health benefits: Rowing improves your cardiovascular fitness and builds muscle strength without jarring impacts to joints. Rowing is the ultimate low-impact, full-body workout and is perfect for current and former adult athletes who, due to knee injuries, can no longer do running-based sports and miss working up a good sweat and intense competition. 


  • Stress relief: Enjoy the sights and sounds of the beautiful Occoquan River, and an endorphin buzz to boot.


  • Professional Skills: rowing promotes teamwork as rowers work together to move the boat in the most efficient manner possible


  • Competition: NVRC races in several local regattas and also travels to regattas throughout the country including the US Rowing Masters National Championships


  • Socialization: make new friends on your boat and throughout the club.​​

  • Getting involved in your community.

Why row with NVRC?

NVRC is comprised of adults (21+) who row competitively, who row recreationally, and those who do some of both.


All rowers come to practice to focus on skills to achieve their goals, all guided by professional coaching.  NVRC coaches have experience preparing rowers for success at all levels, including the US Rowing Masters Nationals Championships while fostering teamwork and the competitive spirit.

NVRC is committed to making diversity, equity, and inclusion a priority, and we are dedicated to continue to grow and evolve as we invest more in these efforts. We pledge to devote time and resources to make a lasting impact and be an agent of positive change in our rowing community and broader society.

NVRC rows on the beautiful Occoquan Reservoir, which is considered one of the best rowing venues on the East Coast.  We have over 12 miles of rowable river, with no power boats over 10 hp motors allowed.  While on the water, you will see other rowers, the occasional kayaker and fisherman, along with the wildlife that make the Occoquan its home:  herons, osprey, bald eagles, and the occasional otter.

Off the water, our members participate in local community volunteer events, as well as enjoying summer Boathouse Breakfasts, after practice Saturday Coffee Talks, visiting speakers, periodic non-rowing outings, the occasional informal Happy Hours, and our End of Season banquet – to name a few. During the off-season, members can participate in winter training activities, community and social activities & adventures. As you can see, we are a lot more than just rowing, and there are tons of things to do if you want to get involved!

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