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2020 NVRC Coaches

Mary King

Mary is a well-established masters and high school rowing coach in the Northern Virginia area, with a long record of winning championships at all levels. Because of her love for the sport, Mary has been involved in all aspects of scholastic and masters rowing. She held the office of president of the VASRA coaches executive committee for many years as well as other positions; was a founding member and Treasurer of National Scholastic Rowing Association; is a US Rowing Level 3 Certified Coach and Certified Indoor Rowing Instructor. She continues to attend coaching/rowing conferences and clinics in order to stay abreast of new trends and philosophies that impacts both the masters and scholastic rower. Mary started rowing over 20 years ago as a Masters rower and has competed and medaled in local, State, National, and International competitions.  When she is not out on the water in the coach’s launch, she is out there herself, racing competitively in both sweep and sculling boats.

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